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About the Chemistry Degree Program

On Campus

The Chemistry degree program at bet36365体育 nurtures students' curiosity, diving deep into the core concepts of scientific study, ensuring graduates are ready for impactful careers as well as further study.

The faculty in the Department of Chemistry believe that hands-on experience is critical to a quality science education. Throughout the program, students will learn modern laboratory techniques, receive expert training with instruments chemists use every day, and benefit from research opportunities leading to presenting and publishing results.

This program models a Liberal Arts degree and leaves room to explore an unrelated minor or second major.

Chemistry B. A. Program at a Glance


Credit Hours

General Studies requirement has been reduced to 30 credit hrs allowing more freedom and making it easier to transfer to bet36365体育.

Degree Received

Chemistry, Bachelor of Arts

Minor Offered

Chemistry B. A. minor available on-campus


Per Credit Hour

With the New Nebraskan Scholarship all undergraduate students pay in-state tuition

Samantha Rau

I had no clue when I signed up to start research my freshman year the relationship that I was going to develop with my mentor. Absolutely a wonderful connection to make in the science world. She’s gone through the track that I’m looking to go through. She’s an amazing resource. They truly are here for you to succeed…Because we are such a research focused campus, and we are a smaller size, I believe that a lot more personal connections with faculty are possible.

Samantha Rau


What can you do with a Chemistry B. A. Degree

Learn more about the types of jobs and common employers that Chemistry B. A. graduates work for.


  • Chemical labs
  • Chemical sales
  • Organic synthesis
  • Environmental monitoring


  • University of Nebraska Medical Center

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